Soft Hazelnut Amaretti 200g by Antica Amaretteria

Soft Hazelnut Amaretti 200g by Antica Amaretteria
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Brand: D. Barbero
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And now for something familiar, yet distinctly different. Antica Amaretteria have swapped the almonds out for local Piemontese hazelnuts in their traditional amaretti recipe, to create something completely unique. The same fluffy, crumbly amaretti that we love, with a distinctly nuttier, sweeter flavour. Forget the Rich Tea, we think these are just the perfect biscuits for dunking!

We were introduced to Luigi and Massimilano by the Barbero family who make delicious torrone and gianduiotto. Two masters of their craft, they draw on over 80 years of experience combined in making their truly unique Amaretti di Mombaruzzo – a special type of amaretti that comes from Piedmont, just like us. The result is the Antica Amaretteria range, made using the finest raw ingredients, centuries-old techniques, and an attention to quality that comes from handcrafted precision, to create biscuits that are unrivalled across the world.