Pesto Pioneers' Selection

Pesto Pioneers' Selection
Brand: Sacla
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Worth £58.80 if individual products are bought separately, this is yours for £50.  

If you're a Pesto Purist and love Classic Basil Pesto, this is your chance to try our other recipes - there are 7 altogether including Truffle, Char-Grilled Aubergine, Black Olive and Chilli. What better time to experiment and enjoy! 


  • 3 x Sacla' Fiery Chilli Pesto 190g 
  • 3 x Sacla' Roasted Pepper Pesto 190g 
  • 3 x Sacla' Fresh Coriander Pesto 190g 
  • 3 x Sacla' Black Olive Pesto 190g, 
  • 3 x Sacla' Char-Grilled Aubergine Pesto 190g
  • 3 x Sacla' Truffle Pesto 90g  
  • 3 x Sacla' 'Nduja Pesto 90g