Lady Finger 400g by Vincenzovo

Lady Finger 400g by Vincenzovo
Brand: Cibosana
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Take your special after-dinner creations to a new level of excellence with Vicenzovo's ladyfinger biscuits. Ideal for making authentic Italian tiramisu (as well as classic charlottes or sherry trifles), these delicate savoiardi sponge fingers are specially made to soak up plenty of coffee, liqueur, or fruit juice.

Fresh out of the packet, they're light, airy and pleasantly crisp. It's easy to snap them in half to fit irregular-shaped bowls and dishes. After steeping in liquid they take on a creamy soft texture, yielding deliciously to the side of a dessert spoon. Topped with a layer of sugar, and with a subtle vanilla flavour, they offer a perfect foundation for soft desserts.