Zone - Wiper W/Magnetic Holder - Grey (330201)

Zone - Wiper W/Magnetic Holder - Grey (330201)
Categories: Decorations,Ceramic
Brand: Zone
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We know it all, the water must be scraped in the shower, but what do with the water scraper when we are finished. Often we put it in the corner of the shower, where it often overturned and we end up with standing overni it when we bathe. Zone has solve the problem and made a Wiper water scraper with magnetic holder, that when the water is scraped, so water scraper is hung inside the shower and off the floor. Water scraper from Zone comes in a delicious design made of silicone and ABS material.Useful information about Zone Wiper ScraperSize: 21 x 17 cmMateriale: Silicone/ABSZone