Zone - Nova One Toilet Brush - Black (330162)

Zone - Nova One Toilet Brush - Black (330162)
Categories: Decorations,Ceramic
Brand: Zone
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Beautiful and simple toilet brush from Zone. Nova One series consists of a soap dispenzer, one toilet bucket, a tooth brush holder and a toilet brush, all made in the hottest design, soft touch. Nova One is made in a Nordic expression, as with the forming rounded bottom, get the series look easy and elegant. The soap dispenser is made in Zones good and well-known quality and Nova One series is incredibly soft to hold. Get the handsome style perfectly into your bathroom with sumptuous Nova One. You can get replacement brush heads for the toilet brush.Useful information about Zone Nova One Toilet Brush Size: 10,3 x 37 cmMateriale: Stoneware 18/8 steel and soft touchZone