XD Design - Bobby Pro - Black (P705.241)

XD Design - Bobby Pro - Black (P705.241)
Categories: Decorations,Ceramic
Brand: XD Design
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XD Design Bobby ProBobby Pro is the bag that carries thetourist’s belongings safely through the vacation,Bobby Pro is the latest addition to themarket for anti-theft backpacks. The backpack is also helping you keeping yourstuff organized and connected. Also, the back is made of recycled materials. The backpack Bobby Pro has the classicbobby-design where you really see that the designer has taken care of everytiny detail on the back. The back is like the other backs in the bobby productline – designed to be the closets you’ll get to a theft safe backpack! Smart features in the Bobby ProBobby pro have adjustable departments whichare also removeable, so you’ll get all your belongings to fit, that means ifyou’re going hiking you’ll be able to have your stuff but also if you’re goingto the airport - you are designing the spaces in the Bobby Pro for yourpurpose. In the Bobby Pro there is also a RFID-securepocket where you keep your credit card, this means thieves who are trying tosteal your credit card information won’t be able to do it because of the pocketblocks out all the signals. Bobby Pro is also equipped with a click-lockon the shoulder strap which they have patented, the lock is used to hold yourphone or a cup.Made from recycled material and practicalBobby pro is made from therecycled material RPET, which is recycled plastic bottles. The bag does alsohave an integrated USB-port which also has the new USB-C port which many newsmartphones uses today. The bag is water repellent and shockabsorbing. It is also very easy to clean because of the water repellency. What fits in the Bobby Pro?You can have a laptop up to 15,6 inches andtablet up to 12,9 inches in your Bobby Pro. The backpack is built with cut-profmaterials, so if thieves are trying to cut it open, they will fail. The zippersin the Bobby Pro are hidden so thieves will find it difficult to open the backmanually, but you can buy an additional lock to be 100% sure.Useful information about XD Design Bobby ProSize: 27,3 x 41 x 16,5 cm Material: 18 liter100 gram