Wishco - Tripod For Wishco Pro Series

Wishco - Tripod For Wishco Pro Series
Categories: Furniture,Tables
Brand: Wishco
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Are you a free bird that would rather not be tied to one place? Yes, the Tripod stand is the best solution for your Wishco. It stands securely on all types of surfaces and then you can move it around as you like. Do you want the warmth in the garden, on the campsite, in the boathouse, on the terrace? That’s you master.With an elegant look in black steel, Tripod gives a little extra to the minimalism of the heat lamps.The stand is delivered as one unit.Easy to transport.Weight: 2.8 kgHeight: Flexible, from 1100 mm. to 1780 mm.Foot: ø <1000 mm.