Wahl - Deluxe Travel Kit (5604‐616)

Wahl - Deluxe Travel Kit (5604‐616)
Categories: Gifts,Cutlery
Brand: Wahl
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Trimmer travel set from American WAHL with 12 parts. This travel set is convenient to take on a trip, as it is all delivered in a small travel bag. All parts can be attached to the integrated elastics in the bag, so you always have the full overview of the many accessories. Along with the trimmer, you get a detail trimmer head with 4 different setting options for trim lengths. In addition, a head is included for ear and nose hair trimming as well as a head for face and body shaving. The bag also includes a pocket knife / file, nail scissors, nail clipper, toothbrush, tweezers, comb and scissors. All accessories and removable heads can be rinsed under running water, allowing you to hygienically use your trimmer set. The trimmer comes with a lithium ion battery that allows you to trim for up to 1 year before you have to think about having to replace the battery.Benefits:Battery poweredLithium Ion FeaturesTrimmer headCutting length 0.7 mmCutting width 23 mmAdjustable distance comb 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 mmNose-ear hair trimmerShaver headThe set include:1x AA Lithium Ion batteryPocket knife / fileNail scissorsNail clippersToothbrushTweezersScissorsCombCleaning brushTravel bag