Vilac - Grande Grue Large Crane (2343)

Vilac - Grande Grue Large Crane (2343)
Categories: Decorations,Ceramic
Brand: Vilac
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Your little builder will love this large wooden crane. Turn the crane in position and lower the magnet to pick the cargo up, winch it up and lower it again onto the back of the truck or trailer. Connect up the trailer with the hook attached and drive away to the building site! Create different situations and stories designed to feed the imagination, and mix with other toys for endless play possibilities. 68 x 4 x 72 cm.Vilac - Classic Wooden Toys since 1911Vilac toys are unique, never go out of fashion and have lasting appeal for all generations. Deep in the heart of the Jura surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests, French toy company Vilac has been making wooden toys since 1911. Vilac nourishes children’s imaginative play with classic toys that will stand up to wear and tear. Vilac work mainly with beech, pine and boxwood. This wood comes from sustainably managed forests.