Ulvepigen Tinke

Ulvepigen Tinke
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Ulvepigen Tinke is a Danish film from 2002, written and directed by Morten Køhlert after Cecil Bødker’s novel Hungerbarnet.The shepherd boy Larus meets the orphaned Tinke out in the wilderness. He feeds her and takes her home to the farm where he works. Husband will immediately send her to the poorhouse, but the midwife will keep her. However, Tinke has other plans - with the help of a very expensive necklace that she got from her mother on her deathbed, she will find her grandparents. Husband hears that Tinke comes from a wealthy family and sees a chance to earn an extra penny. With the help of the parish priest, they find the grandparents who come and pick up Tinke. But the family and especially the grandfather show great distrust towards her, and Tinke can not prove that she is their granddaughter - she has lost the necklace.