Tiny Treasures - Giggle Doll (30266)

Tiny Treasures - Giggle Doll (30266)
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Brand: Tiny Treasure
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This gorgeously made Tiny Treasures baby doll has a realistic smell, soft hair, sleepy eyes and feels just like a new born weighing just 2lbs 10oz. For extra cuteness and to add to the pretend parent experience, hug her tight and hear her giggle.She comes with platinum blonde hair in cute pigtails tied in pink pom pom hair bobbles and wears a cute blue and white polka dot chambray dress with a pink bow and peter pan collar. An adorable pair of pink pom pom shoes complete the outfit.Each doll also comes beautifully packaged in a car seat style gift box with real straps, and includes a birth certificate and hospital tag, so it really is like taking your own baby home