Tiny Love - Tl Wonder Buddies - Leonardo

Tiny Love - Tl Wonder Buddies - Leonardo
Categories: Decorations,Ceramic
Brand: Tiny Love
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Here’s your child’s new best friend. Let your child have a lot of fun and play with this animal. Wonder Buddies from Tiny Love are developed with smart sensors and have 7 different activities that your child can explore. Your child can play hide and seek with his Wonder Buddy and it will cheer when found. The animal will make different sounds when shaken, fed, pressed and jumped with. When laid down to sleep, it will make sweet snoring sounds that your child can listen to. Wonder Buddies will create a lot of joy while developing your child’s motor skills. Product info: Dimensions (length x width x height): approx. 10.5 x 9.5 x 6.5 cm Various activities Develops communication, cognition, creativity, emotions etc. Many play options (eg Peek-a-Boo) Designed for independent play or with parents Activating play patterns teach children about causation and effects Battery type: 2 x AAA (not included) Age: 12 months and up