Terranova Zinc 15mg Complex

Terranova Zinc 15mg Complex
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Terranova Zinc 15mg Complex is a highly active zinc formulation enhanced with Magnifood, an intensely synergistic complex of botanicals and superfoods. Zinc Glycinate differs from other forms of zinc supplements in the fact that in the gut it does not get ionized before it is absorbed. A special process (chelation) completely bonds zinc to the amino acid glycine forming zinc glycinate. The dietary bioavailability of zinc in other forms is relatively poor whereas zinc glycinate has been shown to achieve superior absorption and bioavailability. Zinc is a co-factor in approximately 100 enzymes involved in protein, carbohydrate and DNA/RNA metabolism. Daily intake is required to maintain a steady state as the body does not have a specialized zinc storage system. Zinc also plays a role in immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division.