Tangle Teezer - Back Combing - Pink Embrace

Tangle Teezer - Back Combing - Pink Embrace
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Brand: Tangle Teezer
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Tangle Teezer’s latest innovation is the incredible Back-Combing hair brush. A volume-giving hairbrush, designed to give you an effective and powerful volume for your hair. The brush is designed for everyday styling for all hair types and lengths, by adding height, texture and long lasting volume. The unique brush with two-piece teeth, has a greater density at the bottom of the brush and packs the hair tightly together at the roots to give high volume. This makes it faster and easier to make a beautiful volume, while the brush is gentle at the hair, thereby minimizing damage and breakage. It is more gentle at your hair because the hairbrush teeth reach deeply into each section without matting and ratting the hair, which also makes it easy to brush out afterwards.Hair stylists have always trusted their reliable back-combing brush when looking to achieve true volume, and thanks to Tangle Teezer’s latest innovation, you can now easily achieve the same effect.Application:Keep your hair out from the headBrush your hair down to the roots to achieve volumeBenefits:Innovative Back-combing brush from Tangle TeezerInnovative hair brushGives you a beautiful and durable volumeCan be used in all hair types and lengthsGentle to the hairQuick and easy to useMinimizes damage and breakageTangle Teezer – Cares for the hair you wearTangle Teezer’s first hair brush launched on the market in 2004 and was designed by Shaun Pulfrey, who is an English stylist and hairdresser. The innovative brush first got its success in 2006, where the sale took off. In 2012 the Tangle Teezer company won “The Queen’s Award” because of it being an innovative company under development. Today Tangle Teezer is an international company that sells its products all over the world with a huge success. What gave Tangle Teezer the push out in its success, was when the founder, Shaun Pulfrey, participated in the English TV show Dragon’s Den, where the brush got famous immediately. Shaun Pulfrey decided to make a brush, that stopped the many damages a normal hairbrush can make, especially in tangled and knuckled hair. That’s why he came up the same brush, as we got today – it minimizes the chance to get any damages markedly, among other things, because of its ability to bend the brushes in contact with the hair, where it gives the opportunity to even tangled and knuckled hair to be left beautiful and shiny, after a painless brushing.