Tan-Luxe - Self Tan Oil The Body Medium/Dark 50 ml

Tan-Luxe - Self Tan Oil The Body Medium/Dark 50 ml
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Brand: Tan-Luxe
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The Body from Tan-Luxe is a unique, tailor-made approach to self-tanning. Just a few drops added to your favourite body oil, cream or lotion will provide you with a golden, glowing tan. The formula is packed with skin boosting Raspberry Seed Oil and Vitamin E, as well as ingredients with firming benefits. After use, your skin will appear firmer, toned and tanned. No streaks, no smell and no drama.Anvendelse:Exfoliate and wash skin before useMix 2-6 drops per body part with your usual body moisturiser, oil or cream in the palm of your handMore drops will darken your tanApply to dry skin in large circular motions from head to toe lightly covering hands, elbows and feetThoroughly wash hands after useExfoliate and moisturise skin regularly to maintain an even glowRecomend to do a patch test is done 24 hours prior to useBenefits:Bespoke self-tanningTransforms your favourite body moisturiser into a self-tannerContains ingredients that tone skinTriple-Tan TechnologyMoisture Balance ComplexCellutone ComplexOdourlite Fragrance Technology