Sweed Lashes - Beroe

Sweed Lashes - Beroe
Kategorier: DecorationsCeramic
Brand: Sweed
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Create an eye-catching and intense effect with these false eyelashes.This lash model is one of Sweed’s most exclusive false eyelashes with a beautiful 3D effect, where the hairs lie crosswise. The lash is designed with the latest technology in the industry. The lashes give the effect of maximum fullness in several dimensions and frame your eyes in the most beautiful way. The lashes are light as feathers, super comfortable to wear and an easy way to a voluminous and dramatic look. You can reuse the eyelashes up to 10 times.Application:Cut the lashes if they are too longThen take the glue and place the glue along the artificial lash lineLet the glue dry by swinging the lash for about 10-15 secondsPlace the lashes along your natural lash lineIt is recommended that you use tweezers to apply the lashesPress lightly with the tweezers so that the lashes are firmly attachedAdvantage:Exclusive false lashes from Sweed LashesGives dramatic fullnessWith hair lying crosswiseFrames the eyes in the most beautiful wayLight and comfortable to wearCan be reused up to 10 times