Sukin Hydration Biomarine Facial Serum

Sukin Hydration Biomarine Facial Serum
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Brand: Sukin
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Sukin Hydration Biomarine Facial Serum is an ultra-hydrating serum that works to deeply rehydrate a tired complexion, naturally and delivers visible results in 3 hours. With an active bio-marine blend of sea algae, hyaluronic acid & maize complex, it leaves thirsty skin looking plump and radiant for 72 hours after 4 weeks of use. Benefits- A luxurious serum that leaves your skin plump and dewy- Designed to deliver your skin with 72 hours of hydration- Provides instant moisture to the skin with clinical tests revealing up to 50% smoother feeling skin and up to a 50% reduction in skin flakiness in just two weeks. Key Ingredients- Maize Complex helps attract and bind moisture to the skin, helping you stay hydrated for longer.- Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that occurs naturally in the skin. It retains water within skin cells, keeping skin plump and hydrated.- Sea Algae is a traditional ingredient used in skincare, rich in active compounds & antioxidants, to help protect skins barrier and soothe dehydrated skin. Skin TypeSuitable for all skin types. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin. How to UseApply 1 pump of Sukin Hydration Biomarine Facial Serum on a clean dry face, neck and d├ęcolletage. Gently press and pat into skin, allow 1 minute for absorption. Follow with Rehydrating Gel Cream or Hydrafusion Night Cream.