Studio - Men's Toiletry Bag in Black Leather w. Ribbon

Studio - Men's Toiletry Bag in Black Leather w. Ribbon
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Brand: Studio
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Men’s toiletry bag from Studion in super soft lamb leather. The toiletry bag has 2 zipper compartments and a smart striped ribbon on the front27 x 17 x 11 cmStudio – Necessary accessories for youStudio is a Danish brand, created by the Danish design company CIMI. Studio makes stylist toiletry bags for men and women. The bags are available in many different colors and patterns, so there is on for exactly your style. All products is made in durable materials of high quality. This makes them stylish and useable in many years. No matter if you want a small or a big toiletry bag and if it is for men or women, you definitely can find one in Studios wide sortiment.CIMI’s 25 years of experience is expressed in the Studio Brand, there throughout is high quality. There is cared for functionality and design, which both is important in a bag which you continue to be happy with. This is first class bags, which never lets you down and makes your travel easier every time.