Staedtler - Triplus Fineliner, 42 pcs (334 C42)

Staedtler - Triplus Fineliner, 42 pcs (334 C42)
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Brand: Staedtler
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Fineliner with super fine metal-clad clip. Ergonomic triangular barrel for fatigue-free working. Dry-safe can be left uncapped up to 2 days without drying up. Ventilated caps in accordance with ISO 11540. Barrel and cap made from PP for long service life and low environmental impact. Water-based ink. No toxic heavy metals such as cadmium or lead-based colouring agents are used for the colouring of plastic. STAEDTLER does not use xylene and toluene as ink ingredients. Dry Safe ink increases product life span. Environmentally friendly manufacturing process. 0.8 tip gives line width of 0.3 mm.The name Staedtler has always been synonymous with innovation ‘Made in Germany’ and this can be seen directly reflected in user benefits. Over the years, we have repeatedly succeeded in developing inspirational, innovative products, which is why, when it comes to writing instruments, Staedtler is the user’s clear favourite.Staedtler sees its products as helpful tools for promoting the flow of creative thoughts, coupled with the exceptional writing comfort and innovative product features that are sure to make a STAEDTLER your favourite writing instrument.Staedtler bases its approach on the principles of European environment policy and the energy policy of the German Federal Government. In addition to conserving resources, ensuring the most efficient use of them and sustainable development, the company is committed to safeguarding biodiversity. This is also evident when it comes to products: sustainably sourced wood is the basis of our Staedtler wood cased pencils.Staedtler sets especially high standards when it comes to the sourcing and processing of wood, which is one of the most important raw materials in the production of wood-cased pencils: That is why Staedtler Mars GmbH & Co.KG is certified in line with the applicable FSCTM and PEFC standards in terms of the production and sale of wood-cased pencils. In this way, Staedtler ensures the documentation and improvement of sustainable forestry management in relation to economic, environmental and social standards. All wood-cased Staedtler pencils are made using certified wood. Staedtler thus underscores its commitment to the environment and its sense of responsibility in respect of wood – an essential raw material.