Six Collection: CAVEIRA Chibi Figurine

Six Collection: CAVEIRA Chibi Figurine
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Brand: Ubi Soft
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They’re back! Add Caveira, and other operators, to your Six Collection! Ubicollectibles proudly presents a third wave of operators, in the Official Six Collection. Five new operator figurines are now available, and are all based on the operators and gun charms that are found in-game. Each figurine comes with a unique code to unlock exclusive content in Rainbow Six Siege.“Vitória sobre a morte é a nossa glória prometida.“Taina “Caveira” Pereira aka the brutal interrogator is a Defending operator, from the Brazilian BOPE unit. Beware this troublemaker, as she has an incredibly silent step and is a very resourceful operator. With the help of her special weapon the “Luison”, she can neutralize an opponent and conduct an interrogation all whilst remaining undetected. Continuation of the popular Six Collection Highly-detailed figurine, inspired by the operators from Rainbow Six Siege Height: 10 cm / 4” Materials: PVC + ABS Includes a unique code that unlocks as in-game weapon charm