Schleich - Barapasaurus (14574)

Schleich - Barapasaurus (14574)
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Brand: Schleich
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The Barapasaurus not only had a very long neck, but its thigh bones also measured up to 1.7 metres. This gave it the name “big-legged lizard”. Due to its body size and energy requirements, the herbivore had to eat several hundred kilograms of food on a daily basis. It therefore used its teeth like a rake to gather leaves from the trees. Because it was not able to chew particularly well with its spoon-shaped teeth, it simply swallowed everything that came between its teeth, whole.This Schleich Barapasaurus dinosaur figure is handpaintet and sculpted with three feet on the ground, and with the left leg lifted up. The detailing is life-like and it features spikes running from the top of it’s head to the tip of the tail.Size (LWH): 31 x 6 x 13.8 cm World of SchleichSchleich products are developed with the assistance of parents, teachers and children and are therefore especially designed for children’s hands.Friedrich Schleich founded the company in 1935. The now famous Schleich figurines first came to life in the 1950’s. The design of the Schleich products and the creation of the required tools are done in house, thus enabling us to control the initial vital steps of creating a new product. The production itself takes place at the company`s German headquarters and in a number of production facilities in foreign countries.Scale of Schleich figures and animals are 1:24