Safety1st - Easy Close Gitter Extra Tall - 73 - 80 cm

Safety1st - Easy Close Gitter Extra Tall - 73 - 80 cm
Categories: Decorations,Ceramic
Brand: Safety 1st
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Super practical Easy Close metal gitter from Safety1st. With the inbuild “Secure Tech” function you never doubt if your gitter is locked correctly. Can be opened both ways. Fits in doorways between 73-80cm. This gitter is extra high, with the height of 91 cmDetails:SecureTech® visual indicator confirms when the gate is properly shut and securely installed.One or two way opening keeps baby safe by keeping them off the stairsSecondary locking mechanism protects even the most adventurous childU-shaped frame with 4 pressure points provides solid fit and doesn’t require drillingHand wheels help for rapid installation and to restore pressure if the gate is disturbedNew handle design allows easy opening for parents but tough for children.Extra wide opening makes it convenient to walk throughStrong steel frameAdjusts to fit openings from 73cm to 80cm