SACKit BOOMit Portable Bluetooth Speaker

SACKit BOOMit Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Brand: SACKit
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High Power Portable Designer Speaker.Let’s BOOMit. Feel the complete sound experience with BOOMit and take the party with you everywhere! With BOOMit you can easily take the party mood and sound to occasions where the music needs to be kicked up to max for the garden party, soccer training, birthday or your beach party - wherever the mood is spread and the music is booming.BOOMit is an exclusive battery-powered speaker with built-in Bluetooth 5.0. With enough noise level for a delicious garden party and dancing people as well as battery life that keeps the party going all night, BOOMit is the perfect center for your next party. Not only does BOOMit play insanely loud for a battery-powered speaker and provides up to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge, it also delivers clear and clean sound, even when the speaker is at max volume.Indoors or outdoors? You choose yourself. BOOMit is super easy to take under the arm, but is also ideal for indoor use where the sound fills the room and does not require much floor space. And with a delicious and exclusive stylish Danish design, BOOMit differs from the market’s other party speakers.BOOMit is for those who can’t get enough sound and who love when the music pumps and the mood spreads. It is also for those who want a stylish, beautiful design and the freedom to take the mood everywhere.Connect two BOOMit speakers with the TWS feature via Bluetooth and get the party going. You can also pair two BOOMit speakers with AUX cable.Bluetooth speakerWith Bluetooth 5.0 you can easily stream your favorite tracks and your favorite playlist from your BOOMit smartphone.Portable icon 6 hours battery lifeReady to party anywhere! Need to create a party atmosphere somewhere without electrical outlet? No problem! With built-in rechargeable battery, you can play your music for up to 6 hours. Does the phone run out of power on the way? No problem either. BOOMit also works as a power bank and is ready to charge and play on. The stereoOne is great. Two is even better. The BOOMit speakers can be paired in stereo pairs to give you a wider and more detailed sound image - smart! BOOMit is a mono speaker, but connect two and they will be transformed into a stereo system with one right and one left speaker.Great sound icon Great portable soundWith BOOMit you not only get the option of extremely loud sound, you also get crystal clear sound, even when the volume is up to max.EqualizerYou also have the unique opportunity to make your own mark on the music. You can determine the level of bass and treble on BOOMit yourself. So just turn the buttons and feel how the music changes characterDanish designWith a mission to create a stylish and delicious party speaker that breaks with market alternatives, BOOMit has been developed with a focus on design and aesthetics. With BOOMit you get elaborate and beautiful Danish design, which is both top class and stylish in quality.Product specificationsBluetooth 5.0Li-ion, 6600 mAh (6 hours battery life)True Wireless Stereo (TWS)AUXPlay time: up to 6 hoursCharging time: 3-4 hoursOutput power: 45WBass: 30W, 4ohm, 8 inchesTreble: 15W, 4ohm eachDimensions: 268 x 190 x 360 mmWeight: 4.8 kgUSB port (for charging)The box contains1x BOOMit Bluetooth speaker1xAC / DC adapter for charging