Roblox Dominus Dudes - Mix & Match (980-107870)

Roblox Dominus Dudes - Mix & Match (980-107870)
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Brand: Roblox
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An epic battle for the golden Dominus Aureus is about to begin! Which one of these brave Robloxians will emerge as the definitive champion and ruler of all Dominus hats? You decide. Mix and match your favorite accessories, gear, and outfits from this set and your entire Roblox collection to create the ultimate Dominus warriors!The Roblox Dominus Dudes Four Figure Pack includes four figures with interchangeable parts and loads of accessories compatible with other characters in your collection.Mix and match parts to build your own unique Roblox character.Deck out your figures with the included accessories.Each package comes with a redeemable code to unlock an exclusive virtual item on Roblox.Collect all your favorite Roblox figures today!Size 8 cm