Ricciarelli with Chocolate 250g by Nannini

Ricciarelli with Chocolate 250g by Nannini
Categories: Gifts, Bouquets
Brand: Nannini
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Rich, nutty, and delightfully crumbly, Nannini's chocolate ricciarelli make a fiendishly moreish after-dinner treat. A more modern take on the classic 14-century Siennese macaron, Nannini melt fine Belgian chocolate into the almond-enriched dough to create a gorgeous contrast. Every crunchy-crumbly bite reveals dark chocolate chips and sweet almond chunks, creating a crisp yet tender biscuit that melts blissfully in the mouth. Hand-rolled and gently baked until cracks display the slightly chewy centre, the biscuits are dusted with liberally powdered sugar while still warm from the oven, allowing the roasted notes of the cocoa to meld with the sweetly fragrant almonds.