Revlon - Airstyler Volumizer Professional - Mid/Short Hair

Revlon - Airstyler Volumizer Professional - Mid/Short Hair
Categories: Decorations,Ceramic
Brand: Revlon
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Super practical styling tool that combines the function of a hair dryer with the ability to create volume in your hair.Airstyler Volumizer Professional from Revlon has a brush that is 30% smaller, so it fits both short and long hair. The revolutionary 2-in-1 styling tool combines the power of a hair dryer with options for styling and creating volume in the hair. You therefore save a lot of time when you both dry and style your hair at the same time. This Volumizer from REVLON has been tested and tested in professional hair salons, which is your guarantee of a practical and durable product.Care for and style your hairThe built-in ion technology combined with ceramic coating cares for your hair during drying and leaves it beautiful, shiny and shiny. The unique shape allows you to get closer to the roots, which gives your hair extra volume. With this 2-in-1 styler and hair dryer, you save time and thus you also minimize the chance of heat damage to the hair, as the shape is designed to distribute the air quickly and evenly.Lots of great featuresThe mixed brushes ensure optimal styling during use. The brushes with comfortable, spherical nylon pins loosen the shape and the wild boar brushes grip the hair from root to tip. With ion technology, the neutral ions help maintain the surface of the hair smooth and reduce frizz and static hair. The ceramic coating in the brush also minimizes heat damage to the hair. The styler has a rotating cord so you do not get a filtered cord during use. There are also 3 heating settings to choose from. Airstyler Volumizer also comes with a dual-plug EU / UK, which means that you can easily change the plug and take it on the trip.Specifications:Pro Collection800 wattsOval brushIon technologyCeramic coatingLightweight3 temperature settingsErgonomic handleSwivel cableCold tipEU / UK dual plug adapter