RadiCover - ​Radiationprotection Wallet Leather​ iPhone 6/7/8 - Brown

RadiCover - ​Radiationprotection Wallet Leather​ iPhone 6/7/8 - Brown
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Brand: RadiCover
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Radicover Radiation protection wallet Leather iPhone 6/7/8 Exclusive 2in1 RFID protection against contactless credit card fraudProtects against 86% of mobile radiationProtects your phone from bumps and scratchesMagnetic and removable impact protection shell3 compartments for credit cards, 1 compartment for banknotesReal leatherOur new RadiCover wallet cases in genuine leather (Full Grain) offer a 3x protection for your iPhone or Android: RFID protection against wireless credit card theft, protection against up to 86% of mobile radiation and protection for your mobile phone from damage and wear.RFID credit card protection from RadiCoverThe wireless RFID signals your contactless credit cards emit can be blocked if you store your credit cards in an RadiCover anti-radiation protection case. The special built-in membrane, which also reduces cellular radiation, ensures that the RFID signals cannot come out through the membrane and are read by external sources. Protect yourself, your money and your mobile phone with RadiCover radiation protectionThe stylish wallet case with 2-in-1 anti-radiation protection for your smartphone has room for 3 credit cards. It also has a removable protective magnetic shell. The radiation-proof wallet case is made of high quality genuine leather, and closes with a magnetic lock. It effectively protects your precious mobile phone from wear and tear. The shell, which is fixed with a built-in magnet, is made of strong plastic material that protects the mobile phone from bumps, and is covered with fine leather on the back. The magnetic shell also makes it possible to place the mobile phone on a bracket in the car, or for example on the refrigerator. The 2-in-1 bag also has the built-in anti-radiation membrane on the front, which reduces the radiation sent to the body and head by up to 86%.Radicover designs and develops anti-radiation mobile solutions. Research shows that this Radicover effectively reduces the harmful rays of your mobile devices by up to 91% without signal strength deteriorates. Radicover is a Danish company founded in 2014