RadiCover - Radiationprotected Wallet PU iPhone 12/12 PRO Flipcover - Brown

RadiCover - Radiationprotected Wallet PU iPhone 12/12 PRO Flipcover - Brown
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Brand: RadiCover
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Radiation Protection Wallet Case PU Leather Flipcover 3-LED RFIDProtects against 86% of mobile radiationRFID protection against contactless credit card fraudProtects your phone from bumps and scratches3 compartments for credit cards, 1 compartment for banknotesImitation LeatherThe elegant RadiCover wallet case with anti-radiation protection is made of delicious soft PU leather. 3-LED RFID credit card protection from RadiCover:The wireless RFID signals your contactless credit cards emit can be blocked, if you store your credit cards in an anti-radiation protective wallet case with 3-LED RFID technology from RadiCover. The new advanced 3-LED circuit protects up to a total of 8 cards in your wallet at the same time. Protects against 86% of mobile radiation:The mobile shell has a special anti-radiation membrane on the front of the cover that effectively reduces up to 86% of the electromagnetic mobile radiation transmitted from your mobile phone to your head and body. At the same time, the wallet case protects your smartphone from blows and scratches Here’s how the case protects you: 1) Speak with the lid closed over the front of the screen.To avoid the harmful rays and heat from the phone, talk to the lid closed over the screen. The cover is equipped with holes for speakers and a microphone that allows maximum beam reduction of up to 86%. You are thus well protected both when you talk on the phone and when it is inside, for example your pocket or bag. 2) Always turn the front of the cover towards the bodySince the shell only protects against the front, this must ALWAYS be turned into the body for protection. With the flap closed in front of the screen, you avoid both rays and “warm ear” and heat to the head, which is proven harmful.Radicover designs and develops anti-radiation mobile solutions. Research shows that this Radicover effectively reduces the harmful rays of your mobile devices by up to 91% without signal strength deteriorates. Radicover is a Danish company founded in 2014