Pure - Elan DAB + Radio With Bluetooth

Pure - Elan DAB + Radio With Bluetooth
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Brand: Pure
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Fill your home with the sound of your favorite radio stationPure Elan DAB+ is a compact and practical DAB radio with a clean and clear sound that you can take with you anywhere in your home. With a nice 2.4-inch TFT screen and a user-friendly interface, radio stations are just a few clicks away and your favorites can be installed to three quick access buttons so you can quickly find them again. It automatically finds all DAB and FM channels in the immediate area for an easy setup and with 8 EQ settings, you can optimize the sound to your preference for an even better listening experience.Elan DAB+’s flexible design ensures you can always listen in your preferred way, whether it’s with a power connection where it is fixed in one place in your home or with 4x AA batteries, so you can bring it along from room to room. With other smart settings, you can use it as an alarm in the morning or timer if you are cooking. If you need to be quiet in the morning, but can not do without your radio, you can connect your 3.5 mm headphones and listen without disturbing the household.2.4-inch TFT screen.3 quick access buttons for storing your favorite channels.User-friendly design.Good sound with 8 EQ settings.Built-in alarm and timer.Can use 4x AA batteries as an alternative power supply.SpecificationsRadio: DAB, DAB+, FM.Frequency band covered (digital): Band III (174-240 MHz).Frequencies covered (VHF): 87.5 MHz-108 MHz.Preset: 20 DAB+ and 20 FM channels.Bluetooth: V5.0 / 2.4G to 2.480G / maximum RF transmission power 4 dBm / BT control on the device.Speakers: 2.5 “4 Ω 3W.Sound output power: RMS 2.5W.Input: Micro USB.Output: 3.5 mm AUX port.Cable: USB power cable.Telescopic antenna.Measurements: (H) 200 x (W) 120 mm.Weight: 462 g.Available in several colors.