Pudderdåserne - MUST HAVE To Wrinkles, Pigment Spots & Crow's Feet ​

Pudderdåserne - MUST HAVE To Wrinkles, Pigment Spots & Crow's Feet ​
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Brand: Pudderdåserne
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The most lovely gift box from Pudderdåserne with must-have products for wrinkles, pigment spots and crow’s feet.The gift set contains their bestsellers and consists of the super effective day cream and a super active serum. Both products reduce the signs of aging, and leave the skin healthier as well as with a renewed vitality. The day cream has an anti-aging effect and contains some super good key ingredients. The cream increases the skin’s natural collagen level and in addition it also stimulates cell formation to smooth the skin and to fill in wrinkles. The effective serum is a completely unique serum based on vitamin A Granactive Retinoid, which reduces the visibility of wrinkles and lines with proven effect. The serum tightens the skin and helps reduce hyperpigmentation for a fresh and light radiance. The gift set from Pudderdåserne is perfect for reducing signs of aging and also only with the absolutely necessary ingredients, so that the effect is high and the skin is not damaged, which also means that both products are fragrance-free. The set is perfect for fulfilling the Christmas gift wish of a fresh and young skin.The set contains:Pudderdåserne Anti-age Face Cream 50 mlPudderdåserne A-Serum 2% 50 ml