Plus Plus - Mini Pastel - Suitcase Metal Purple, 600 pc (7003)

Plus Plus - Mini Pastel - Suitcase Metal Purple, 600 pc (7003)
Categories: Furniture,Decoration
Brand: Plus Plus
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Purple metal storage box with a lot of content. Bring Plus Plus on the go. Content is 500 pastel Mini bricks, 100 neon Mini bricks, a building plate and an instruction book. Size: 20 x 15,5 x 7,2 cmSimplistic shape. Endless possibility! The only tools required are the children’s imagination. Plus Plus is a fun, interactive building system where a child can be creative and strengthen motor skills with shape, colour and form.Plus-Plus develops the imagination and creativity of children and appeals evenly to boys and girls predominantly within the ages 3 to 12 years. Once Plus-Plus has been tried out it becomes a kid’s favourite. Many hours of intensive play.Plus Plus bricks is made in Denmark of PE (polyethylene) and has successfully passed the normal tests and standards for toys: EN 71-1, 71-2, 71-3. Free of phthalates and PVC.Every single piece of Plus-Plus is produced at our own factory in Holbæk, Denmark. We are very concerned that our product do not contain materials that could harm any child. We ensure this by:Plus-Plus® is constantly being tested and is approved according to EU toy standards: EN 71-1, 71-2, 71-3. These tests are performed by external and independent laboratories.Plus-Plus® is approved for food & beverage (just like bottles for water), so it will not harm a child who would put it in the mouth.Plus-Plus® has clear approval of phthalates, which document that Plus-Plus® is free from phthalates.Plus-Plus® incl. our packaging is free from PVC.Even though we carefully select and trust our vendors who deliver goods to our production, we choose to perform extra controls by facilitating tests of all goods (minimum once yearly), to make sure they meet our criteria to the goods we use for Plus-Plus® production. In these tests all goods are subject to immigration tests to ensure that nothing immigrates to a human who is in contact with our product.