Pj Masks - Hero Vs Villian 4 Pack Assortment (F2836)

Pj Masks - Hero Vs Villian 4 Pack Assortment (F2836)
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Preschoolers can go “into the night to save the day” with this super fun glow-in-the-dark action figure set based on the hit Disney Junior show. Gekko, and Owlette figures get a power-up with glow-in-the-dark features, so kids ages 3 and up can recreate their favorite night-time scenes from the show. Epic hero vs. villain action awaits with poseable Night Ninja action figure and a Sticky Splat accessory that Night Ninja figure can hold in his hand. Figures work with Hasbro Hero ID-equipped PJ Masks playsets (each sold separately, subject to availability), which recognize and react to 3-inch PJ Masks figures. The Night Time Mission set and Flight Time Mission set (each sold separately, subject to availability) make awesome holiday or birthday presents for kids ages 3 and up