Philips Hue - Xamento Recced

Philips Hue - Xamento Recced
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Brand: Philips
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Philips Hue - Xamento ReccedMake your bathroom come to life with Philips Hue Xamento. Three recessed spotlights dressed as silvered rings that discreetly hides by the ceiling but majestically gives light to your bathroom. Angle the lights into cabinets or artwork on the wall easily with the adjustable heads. With White and color ambiance, you can use the range of 16 million colors to your advantage to turn your regular old bathroom into a luxurious spa in Bahamas with the different light schemes at your disposal. The lights are IP44 which make them resistant to water, crucial for bathroom lights. Features:With the Hue Bluetooth app, you can control your Hue smart lights in a single room of your home.Add up to 1 smart lights and control them all with just the touch of a button on your mobile device.Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant when paired with a compatible Google Nest or Amazon Echo device. Simple voice commands allow you to control multiple lights in a room or just a single lamp.Transform your home with over 16 million colors, instantly creating the right atmosphere for any event. With the touch of a button, you can set a festive mood for a party, turn your living room into a movie theater, enhance your home decor with color accents, and much more.Make your day easier and more pleasant with four preset light recipes handcrafted especially for your daily tasks: Energize, Concentrate, Read, and Relax. The two cool-toned scenes, Energize and Concentrate, help you get going in the morning or keep your focus, while the warmer scenes of Read and Relax help support comfortable reading or calm a busy mind.