Pandemic - Legacy Season 0 (ZMGZM7174)

Pandemic - Legacy Season 0 (ZMGZM7174)
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Brand: Pandemic
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Work with your friends to stop the Soviets from developing a dangerous bioweapon that could have major consequences for humanity.The year is 1962, and during the Cold War, a huge threat to humanity looms. A deadly bioweapon, developed by the Soviets, called “Project MEDUSA”. You and your friends need to try to put an end to it before it’s too late. In this board game, you and your friends play medical graduates recruited by the CIA to investigate what the Soviets are up to with this “project MEDUSA” and try to stop the development of the dangerous pathogen. Using carefully crafted aliases, you must travel around the world and move between different territories in allied, neutral and Soviet cities. Your missions will require you to neutralize enemy agents, acquire specific targets, or place other CIA agents in one place to carry out your operations for you. The game takes place over 12 months, and every success or failure brings you closer to the truth.An exciting board game designed as a precursor to the other Pandemic games, and therefore does not require you to have played the remaining ones before.As in the first two Pandemic Legacy games, each time you play new cards, rules and conditions affect future games. Each alias you create will gain contacts and other assets to execute your plans more smoothly. And of course, the CIA will monitor and evaluate your performance in the field. Work with your co-agents to prevent this new bio-threat - the fate of the world depends on it. Can you save humanity again?Information about Pandemic Legacy Season 0Number of players: 2-4Playing time: 45-60 minRecommended age: 14+Language: English