Pai Skincare System D Cooling Eye Gel Serum

Pai Skincare System D Cooling Eye Gel Serum
Categories: Decorations, Ceramic
Brand: Pai Skincare
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Pai Skincare System D Cooling Eye Gel Serum is a light-touch eye gel designed to provide instant calm and strengthen the skin for long-term protection. Its innovative ceramic applicator glides over the skin, the silky gel formula absorbing quickly with no sticky residue. Instantly refreshing and soothing while the clever Ceramide Complex works to strengthen the skin barrier over time, preventing future flare-ups. Benefits- Alleviates dryness from temperature changes and central heating- Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier long term- Soothes and revitalises delicate skin - A clever ceramic applicator brings instant and cooling relief- Suitable for sensitive and easily irritated eyesKey Ingredients- Ceramide complex strengthens the skin to build resilience against environmental stressors and prevent future flare-ups- Schisandra protects the skin from itchiness and irritation, often brought on by changes in temperature. In its purest CO2 extracted form - Schisandra contains Schizandrin, an antioxidant that calms aggravation- Hyaluronic Acid helps to counteract water loss and regulates moisture content in the skin. It also nourishes by transporting nutrients to the top layers of the skin Skin TypesFor all skin types; especially those with dehydrated, sensitive eyes.