NYX Professional Makeup - Honey Dew Me Up Primer

NYX Professional Makeup - Honey Dew Me Up Primer
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Brand: NYX Professional Makeup
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Get a velvety and golden base for your makeup routine with this wonderful primer. Honey Dew Me Up from NYX Professional Makeup is a primer with honeydew melon extract, which creates a smooth and soft finish, and prepares the skin for foundation or concealer. You can also use it alone or mix it with your favorite foundation for a result with lots of beautiful glow. Application: Apply Honey Dew Me Up Primer on cleansed face Wait two minutes for it to set before applying foundation, powder or concealer Apply a little more primer on extra dry or irritated areas of the face Advantage: Velvety primer from NYX Professional Makeup Wear it alone or under makeup Creates a golden base With honeydew melon extract Makes the skin smooth Gives glow Vegan and cruelty-free