NYX Professional Makeup - California Beamin' Face & Body Liquid Highlighter - Beach Babe

NYX Professional Makeup - California Beamin' Face & Body Liquid Highlighter - Beach Babe
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Brand: NYX Professional Makeup
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Super great face and body highlighter that gives a dewy glow all year round. The light liquid highlighter is designed with ultra-fine mother-of-pearl effect that captures, reflects and refracts natural light, giving a fantastic result. It puts a translucent veil on the skin, giving body and face a beautiful glow that radiates in many facets. The highlighter from NYX Professional Makeup is available in several shades that can give exactly the look you want. All the colors each give their spectacular and amazing result.Application:Can be used alone or mixed with foundationApply on cheekbones, forehead arch, bridge of the nose or wherever you want to add a radiant glowBenefits:Great face and body highlighter from NYX Professional MakeupGives a dewy glow all year roundLiquidCaptures, reflects and refracts natural lightPuts a translucent veilGives a beautiful shineAvailable in several shadesNYX Professional MakeupNYX Professional Makeup is known for high quality and professional makeup at affordable pricesNYX Professional Makeup is a leading brand in “Color Cosmetics” and is also known for their color and pigment rich products. The brand includes several series and collections of classic, seasonal and on-trend cosmetics. NYX Professional Makeup is a must-have for professional makeup artists and anyone else who loves beauty and cosmetics. The mission of the brand is to open up play, exploration and creativity with makeup - and then it must be possible to find exactly the color you want.