Nude by Nature - Natural Allure Eye Kit

Nude by Nature - Natural Allure Eye Kit
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Brand: Nude by Nature
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Beautiful makeup gift set from Nude by Nature, which contains both a fantastic contour eye pencil and an Allure Defining Mascara in black.This gift set is as created to make the absolutely perfect eye makeup. This eyeliner pencil is in soft and wonderful quality. It gives a good and durable color and is also easy to work with. The soft property makes it easy to fade the color so you can achieve a completely unique result. Allure Defining Mascara lifts, colors and separates the lashes so you achieve a unique and natural result. It has a flexible brush head and the fantastic formula means that the lashes are left with a nice volume at the same time as it cares and strengthens.The gift set gives a completely unique result with these fantastic quality products from Nude by Nature.The set contains:Nude by Nature Contour Eye Pencil 0 BlackNude by Nature Allure Defining Mascara Black