Nordic Superfood - Essential Oil - Relax 10 ml

Nordic Superfood - Essential Oil - Relax 10 ml
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Brand: Nordic Superfood
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Relax from Nordic Superfood is an essential oil for you who have difficulty falling asleep. With a content of lavender and rosemary, the essential oil has a calming and relaxing effect. Relax oil is especially good for muscle pain, headaches and sleep problems. Mix the oil in your massage oil or lotion, or use it in the bath or sauna. The essential oil is also perfect for use in an aroma lamp / fragrance diffuser.Application:Approx. 20 drops mixed in massage oil or lotionApprox. 10 drops in bathtub or 2.5 liters of water for sauna2-4 drops for aroma lamps / fragrance diffuserBenefits:Good for sleep problemsGood for stress and stress related issuesSoothing effectGood for muscle pain and headachesThe oil must be diluted before useMix it in massage oil or lotion