Nordic Superfood - Essential Oil - Energy 10 ml

Nordic Superfood - Essential Oil - Energy 10 ml
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Brand: Nordic Superfood
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The essential oil that relieves your headaches and tense muscles!Here is an oil that you should not be without if you suffer from headaches and tense muscles on a daily basis. The oil contains orange and petitgrain, and thus the oil is also formidable for tense jaws and depression.In addition, this oil can also equip you with an increased patience and not least a renewed energy.You can safely and easily apply the oil in your body lotion or massage oil.Application:Mix 20 drops in 100 ml of massage oil or lotion.Use 2-4 drops in aroma lamp / scent diffuserMix 10 drops in a bath or in 2.5 liters of water for saunaBenefits:Gives you renewed energyContains orange and petitgrainRelieves tension in the musclesUplifts heavy emotions and helps with depression