Nordic Superfood - Acu Cups 4 pcs

Nordic Superfood - Acu Cups 4 pcs
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Brand: Nordic Superfood
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Acu cups from Nordic Superfood are an alternative medical method - also called cupping, which is used to stimulate the connective tissue in the skin and muscles.The set contains 4 cups in different sizes, of which the two smallest cups are for the face and the two large ones are intended for the body. Using the cups increases blood and lymph circulation, which helps relieve pain and tension. The cups are made of 100% silicone and are BPA free, and are also FDA, ROHS, LFGB and REACH certified.Application:Apply the skin with oil, cream or lotionPress the cup together against the skin until a vacuum formsRun in circular motions towards the lymph nodesRemove the cup a little if the pressure becomes too strongLet the cup sit for 5-10 minutesRemember to drink plenty of water after treatmentAdvantage:Increases blood circulationMinimizes painReduces celluliteAlternative medical methodCupping 4 different sizes