Muubs - Echo Jar 25 - Grey (8470000203)

Muubs - Echo Jar 25 - Grey (8470000203)
Brand: Muubs
Size: One Size
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Echo series from Muubs was designed with inspiration from crafts and the darker colour scheme. Echo 25 is handmade, made in a beautiful rusty grey colour, and the surface is created with a special craft technique. Terracota jar is first painted with a black paint and then with a white. In order to create the rusty and smoky surface, the paint is gently burned, and an antique paint is applied. For the last step, the jar gets a coating that makes the surface more durable.Useful information about Muubs Echo Jar 25Size: H: 25 / Ø: 30 cmMaterial: TerracottaMuubsMuubs is a new Danish furniture company known for its innovative furniture and interior. Muubs furniture and interiors are produced exclusively in raw materials and all products have a raw and unique look, which fits into most homes. Muubs tests its new products by assessing whether a man will want the product or not. This helps to provide the collections with a masculine twist.