Murad - Trial Kit Hydration

Murad - Trial Kit Hydration
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Brand: Murad
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Keep your skin well-groomed and youthful with this beautiful Murad Hydrate Trial Kit.Murad Hydrate Trial Kit is a delicious gift box that boosts the skin with moisture and nourishment, so it can regain a smoother, moisturized and more supple expression. The skin is revitalized and radiates with renewed and healthy glow. The box contains 3 exclusive products in ideal sizes to take with you on the go, in your sports bag or toiletry bag Murad Hydration AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleanser: is an exfoliating cleansing product that removes dead skin cells and gives the skin new life. The product cleanses sad skin and encapsulated impurities away, while improving texture and skin tone. Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil: is like a vitamin pill for the skin. This delicious oil contains no less than 6 vitamins - A, B, C, D, E and F, and is therefore a revolutionary product. The oil provides so much nourishment to the skin and at the same time has a protective and revitalizing effect. Murad Hydration Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture: is a delicious, rich cream that can be used both morning and evening. This cream instantly soothes dry and dehydrated skin and will at the same time add a lot of moisture to the skin, so that the youthful elasticity and strength is restored.The set contains:Murad Hydration AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 60 mlMurad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil 10 mlMurad Hydration Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture 15 ml