MIPOW Playbulb String green 10m RGB BT 40pcs led 4W IP65

MIPOW Playbulb String green 10m RGB BT 40pcs led 4W IP65
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Brand: MIPOW
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MIPOW Playbulb Xmas String 10m RGB BT Home Lights for Christmas and More Smart App Control Special Effects Safe and Energy Efficient Water Resistant Extendable Internal Memory Playbulb string is a Bluetooth Smart APP controlled LED string lights for indoor and outdoor decoration. The lights are specially designed to make sure it works safely in wet environment or rainy day. Playbulb string meets the needs of your color imagination with 16 million RGB colors and preset 4 light effects suiting with different occasions. The lights are dimmable, you can adjust the light brightness to fit environmental comfort. If you want to change the light colors, there are several ways to play! You can shake your smart phone or tap the color palette or capture any color in picture via Playbulb X App. Besides, the timer function can schedule the light color and on / off. It supports group mode and cross-control function as well. Every little creative point will make your life enjoyable and joyful! Comparing with other string lights, it is flexible that you are able to extend it from 10 meters to 20 meters by connecting extension string. A portable power bank (not included) is enough to supply power for the string lights, which is convenient for outdoor use, such as camping. Smart App Control Download the Playbulb X App in App Store or Google Play Store. Color changing is at your finger tip. Choose your favourite effect. Choose your mood. Special Effects The Playbulb X App supports several special lighting and timer effects. Candleflickering, Pulsing, Dimming, Flashing, Rainbow, Rainbow Fading in different colors with a free adjustable speed. Safe and Energy Efficient The modern LED technology makes the Playbulb String safe and also energy efficient in comparison with regular string bulbs. Water Resistant Integrity Protection Rating: IP65 You don‘t need to worry about spilling water or worst weather conditions. Hence it can be placed both indoords and outdoors. (excl. power adapter) Extendable You can connect up to 2 Playbulb string extension packs of 5m length. Maximum total length: 20m Internal Memory.The Playbulb string saves its last setting inside the internal memory. When turned off and on again, the PLAYBULB will automatically restore the last set effect or color. Technichal Details LED-Power: Max.4W LED-Colors: RGB (16 Mio. colors) Number of LEDs: 40 pcs Cable length (mains adapter) Length LED String: 10 m Max. length with Extension Set: 20 m Input: USB mains adapter (included) Dimmable: Yes, via APP Time control: Yes, via APP Bluetooth Version: 4.0 Smart Bluetooth Range: ca. 10 m Field of application: In- and oitdoors IP safety class: IP65 (excl. mains adapter)