Michael Kors - Wonderlust Sublime EDP 30 ml

Michael Kors - Wonderlust Sublime EDP 30 ml
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Brand: Michael Kors
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Fantastic fragrance that captures the enchanting golden hour of a sunny afternoon and awakens the senses with a mix of floral and oriental notes. Wonderlust Sublime EDP by Michael Kors is inspired by the idyllic shores of French Polynesia, where you are struck by the sweet, tropical scent of Tahitian gardenias, before the scent unfolds a slightly spicy heart of Dianthus and flowers of citrus flowers. A lavishly warm and seductive base of resin-filled amber completes the scent, giving a dramatic, sunny finale. Wonderlust Sublime EDP from Michael Kors evokes a sublime summer day. Fragrance notes: Tahitian Tiare Flowers, Orange Flower, Dianthus and Amber