​Max Factor - Miracle Veil Loose Powder​ 4g

​Max Factor - Miracle Veil Loose Powder​ 4g
Categories: Decorations,Ceramic
Brand: Max Factor
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Miracle Veil by Max Factor, is a loose powder that “sets” your liquid makeup. The powder is long lasting, silky and colorless on the skin. This matte powder is light reflective and designed to control oily looking skin without leaving the skin flat or dull. The form improves visible skin texture, without putting in fine lines and wrinkles. In contrast, the appearance of pores is minimized. Feels comfortable all day without the skin looking dry.Application:Open gentlyDip your brush gentlyApply the powder as desiredBenefits:Loose powder from Max FactorPuts the liquid makeupLong lastingSilky softColorless on the skinLight reflectiveDo not make the skin flat and dullDoes not provide linesThe appearance of pores is minimizedFeels comfortable all day