Max Factor - Miracle Prep Pore Minimising and Mattifying Primer 11 ml

Max Factor - Miracle Prep Pore Minimising and Mattifying Primer 11 ml
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Brand: Max Factor
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Lightweight and translucent, the makeup primer works to minimise the appearance of pores while creating a mattified base for smooth foundation application. Formulated with a Triple Oil-Absorbing Powder Complex to help control shine all day for longer lasting and fresher-looking makeup.Application:Smooth over a cleansed faceFollow up with your favorite makeup routineBenefits:Translucent and lightweight makeup primer from Max FactorMinimises the appearance of pores Creates a mattified base for further makeup applicationTripple Oil-Absorbing Powder Complex helps to control shine all daySuitable for all skin typesMax FactorIn Hollywood’s Golden Age, when it came to makeup only one name was on the lips of the movie stars. That name was Mr. Max Factor, a visionary makeup artist, wig maker and inventor, Max Factor was known for creating the signature looks of the era. In 1916 he started selling eye shadow and eyebrow pencils. This was the first time such products were available outside the movie industry. Four years later he launched a full range of cosmetics, calling it “makeup” – a phrase he coined. The makeup products and techniques Max Factor created for the movie industry and his Hollywood clients earned him an Oscar, but his guiding philosophy was that any woman could be glamourous given the right tools and makeup artistry skills. From mascara to foundation, eye shadow to lip gloss – Max Factor put the transformative tools for makeup artistry into the hands of every woman, enabling her to create her own personal glamour statement every day.