Max Factor - Lash Revival Mascara - Black

Max Factor - Lash Revival Mascara - Black
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Brand: Max Factor
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Intense black and beautiful mascara, which with its specially designed curved brush does a fantastic job Max Factor Lash Revival Mascara that gives fuller, longer and stronger lashes after only 4 weeks. The new curved brush is specially designed to match the arch of your lashes and gives volume to every single strand of hair. The formulation gives nice volume on the entire hair strand from root to lash tip and is enriched with bamboo extract, which strengthens the lashes for each application. Available in intense black. The mascara is without perfume. Application : Apply with long strokes from root to tip Repeat to get more volume on the lashes Benefits : Fantastic volumizing mascara from Max Factor Gives full, longer and stronger lashes. Gives results after only 4 weeks Curved brush Specially designed Gives volume to all hairs Enriched with bamboo extract Strengthens the lashes Intense black color