MARVIS - Mouthwash Strong Mint 120 ml

MARVIS - Mouthwash Strong Mint 120 ml
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Mouthwash from MARVIS is a mouthwash without any alcohol, which gives a fresh and delicious taste of mint. The mouthwash increases the hygiene in the mouth. 1 part of mouthwash should be mixed with 4 parts of water. Because the moutwash doesn’t contain alcohol, you won’t get that burning and uncomfortable feeling, that normally occurs with most mouthwash on the market. Because of this you can use the mouthwash several times daily, if you feel a need of this. Application:Mix 1 part of mouthwash with 4 parts of water Gargle shortlySpit outBenefits:Alcoholfree mouthwash RefreshingCan be used several times dailyMarvisMarvis is an Italian brand that has revolutionized the concept of toothpaste. They have an incredible up-to-date, original and iconic taste, that is inspired by art and fashion worlds which catches and spell bounds a public, which is curious and open-minded. With the traditional toothpaste from Marvis your daily toothbrushing a ritual you will look forward to. Marvis has employed itself with the special care of teeth and gums in more than 40 years. The packaging is iconic, oozes of luxury and is retro in the design, in the stylish way. The content is made in super high quality and has a fat and powerful consistency, exactly like a classic toothpaste.Marvis toothpaste or toothbrush is the perfect gift idea and funny friend present, for men and women, there won’t go down on equipment.