Lume Cube Air with Diffusion Bulbs

Lume Cube Air with Diffusion Bulbs
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Brand: Lume Cube
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The smallest, lightest and most brightThe Lume Cube AIR is a versatile lighting that combines professional quality light, a mobile and durable design, versatile mounting options and a variety of diffusers. It is the obvious lighting equipment for anyone who wants to create better photo and video content without having to pay dearly.Unmatched light qualityThe Lume Cube AIR 400 is equipped with the best LED specifications in relation to its size and delivers a brightness of 400 lux at a distance of 1 meter with a 60 degree angle of light. In addition, it has a color temperature of 5600K, similar to daylight, with a CRI rating of +/- 90. In other words, it offers a lot of quality light that is ideal for photography.Compact and waterproof designWeighing only 57 grams and dimensions of 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.9 cm, the Lume Cube AIR is the smallest and most mobile light source of its kind, allowing creative people to invent innovative applications, whether in rain or submerged in water. It is waterproof down to 10 meters!Bluetooth and app controlUsing the iOS or Android app Lume-X, a smartphone can be used to wirelessly control brightness, brightness, flash speeds, battery levels and more. And it even works with several Lume Cube AIR running at the same time.The Bluetooth functionality and the Lume-X app allow you to quickly set up all kinds of light settings, creating a really smart, mobile studio!Built-in magnetIn addition to a 1/4 “tripod thread, a built-in magnet ensures complete and versatile mounting possibilities, so that it can also be used for other than content creation. Lume Cube AIR can be mounted on a bike, attached to a car, set to Strobe Mode function for emergencies, and more.Supplied accessoriesWith the product package you will find everything you need to start creating high-quality lighting photos and videos:White diffuser for softer lightOrange diffuser for warm and soft lightCharger cable (micro USB)strap